Luxurious fabrics for upholstery: Velvet

One of the most alluring and luxurious fabrics you can find is definitely Velvet. Velvet was initially created from silk, at the time rare commodity, and it has been considered as a luxury item since it was created more than four thousands years ago.

It is a fabric that is renowned for its brilliant luster and three dimensional properties.

Most of the velvet in marketed today as “silk velvet” is actually made from a mix of rayon and silk.Velvet made entirely from silk is quite rare and usually very expensive. Cotton is also used to make velvet, but this tends to result in a much less luxurious fabric

However the materials are just an aspect of the whole picture. It’s not so much the material that creates the velvet, but the way in which it is made. Until the industrial revolution the process was lengthy (and therefore expensive), but with modern day technology velvet mas become much more affordable.

Velvet is a great material of uypholstery. RM Upholstery can use it for re-upholster your sofa, arm chairs and pillows. It is a very smooth material, unlike any other fabrics. Caring for your velvet is not as laborious as you may think. It is surprisingly resilient is spite of its delicate appearance.

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