Is the Only Way To Learn Upholstery to take a class?

What is the best way to learn upholstery? Can upholstery be learnt in any other way than being taught by an experienced upholsterer?

It’s a fact that we all learn differently. So while hands-on upholstery training is the best way to learn, it is not necessarily the same for everyone.

One thing is sure: learning how to reupholster furniture is not easy and it becoming a good upholsterer takes much longer than people think.

My advice would be that before you join any hands-on upholstery training classes in Edinburgh, you should go into Youtube and search for upholstery instructional videos. This should give you a better idea of what becoming an upholsterer involves. And then you can think about finding that upholstery class.

In the meantime, if anything needs upholstery, get in touch with Richard and RM Upholstery in Edinburgh!