In waiting rooms at hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and clinics seating can become worn, unhygienic and dirty very fast. Replacing worn-out furniture costs a lot of money, money that could be better spent on treating patients.
This is why more and more of these establishments now re-upholster rather than replace.

Commercial upholstery can save your hospital, GP practice or clinic a small fortune. High-spec furniture such as for instance dental chairs are incredibly expensive to replace. But a good upholsterer can bring them back to look brand new at a fraction of the price. Choosing the right material (strong, durable, anti-bacterial etc) upholstery is the answer to your problem.

At RM Upholstery we will be able to advise for all your upholstery needs, so if you are in Edinburgh or Midlothian please get in touch with Richard to discuss your upholstery project, and never look back.

. This often results in practitioners choosing to ignore a deteriorating overall state. This, in turn, can increase patient discomfort and impact negatively on their view of the practice overall. Increasingly practitioners are choosing contract upholstery to completely reupholster existing chairs, fit new foams and provide replacement cushion inners.